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Free Software to change Windows Logon Screen

Clear Lock

Windows by default doesn’t allow you to change the Windows Logon Screen i.e. The screen which asks for a password for your account ( if it is enabled ) or when you have more than one account on your computer. However customizing this is another passion for us here like we use themes for Windows 7.  Today I have picked ...

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Use images from Flickr & Picasa as Windows 7 Login Screen

Windows 7 Login Changer Picasa Flickr

Changing the Windows 7 Login Screen is the second thing users love to do after changing wallpapers. How about getting Images for Login Screen from Picasa or Flickr or the featured images ? 7Logon Changer does exactly that.  Once you install this it, all you need to do is search using tags or keywords and you will have the image preview before you. ...

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Windows 7 Logon Screen rotator gets tons of feature

We had talked about couple of Logon Screen changer but you will be much happier with this Logon Screen changer because it comes with lot of customization now and can rotate the screen background everytime you get to the login screen and on top it can pull the background images from your favorite set of pictures. Features of Windows 7 ...

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How to Change Windows 7 Login background image

7Logon# is a small application which allows you to change the background image which si displayed in the login screen. Though Windows 7 themes do not have any option to change it when you change the theme but this software does that trick pretty neatly. All you need is an Image with meets these criteria : Image Resolution should match ...

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Automatically change Windows 7 Login image

If you are kind of person who like to customize windows 7 a lot then you gonna love Windows 7 Login changer which rotates images displayed  when you get on the login page.  But if you have Auto Login or have not created password for your account, you would not be able to see the change. It allows you to ...

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How to change Windows 7 Logon background image

If you have already started using Windows 7 its time you should be ready for all the tweaks and software to get all customization you had been looking for Windows 7.  Here is the first one for you, Logon Changer or call it as  Login Changer, the first screen you are greeted if you have turned on password for your ...

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Free Download : Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows Vista and XP

If you already tried  Free Windows 7 themes and styles for Vista , you can now go ahead and try changing the login screen or Logonscreen and make it just like Windows 7 login screen. For Windows Vista This logonscreen is developed by pugalengthi and you can find the download link at this page. However you will need to install  ...

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