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How to disable the WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress Admin Bar for Websites

WordPress 3.1 has a brilliant Admin Bar which is displayed on top of  your blog even when you are out of WordPress Admin Section. This is useful for quick access to many things, Short Link is one such example but many users feel this is an extra header on top. So here is how you can remove the WordPress Admin ...

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WordPress 3.1 is missing the Embedded video button

Missing Embedded Video

If you are not able to find the Video Embed Button after upgrading to WordPress 3.1, you are not alone. It seems because of some tinymce config issue it is not displaying the Add Video Button. I tried in IE 9, Firefox and Chrome, its missing in all of them and people have raised an issue already in the WordPress ...

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How to find number of posts by an Author per Year in WordPress

Post Filter in WordPress

If you have a multiple author blog using WordPress it is important to find out how many posts your authors are writing and whats the frequency every month.  WordPress Post List does not have this feature except you can sort it by Month in particular year. However looking at the parameters I was able to find a neat trick which ...

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Download free Textures

Love Textures is an awesome online resource for downloading free textures. Textures can be used on websites for better looks; moreover if you are a WordPress user you can customize the themes for the looks using textures. For example the desk-mess theme you can replace the bg.jpg file with any texture to get a different look for the same theme. ...

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Wordcamp India Event Live Notes Day 1

This is live from WordpCamp India. We will keep updating this post all the time so keep refreshing every couple of minutes. 9:00 Registration and wordpress goodies. 10 :00 AM Om Malik Started with the Key Note. He is telling about how he started as a Journalist and started GigaOm and talks about broadband and the impact on life of ...

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How to implement Google Adsense Search in WordPress blog and Make Money

Search feature is a major requirement in any site. Its not easy to keep on searching in archive of any site. In this article we will learn how to implement AdSense search results within WordPress Pages. Making money is another part of it. This question was asked to my by Shankar after he saw its implemented on my site. Prior ...

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