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How to Cut and send a specific part of a YouTube video

How to Cut and send a specific part of a YouTube video

Tube Chop is an excellent service that allows you to edit the videos on Youtube by keeping the part of the video which you want and delete the rest of it. In this post. We will share how to cut a specific part of a YouTube video using it. How to Cut and send a specific part of a YouTube ...

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Speed up or Slow down YouTube Videos by changing playback speed

Change YouTube Playback Speed: Speed up or Slow down YouTube Videos 

Many of us love watching videos with YouTube and other such services, watching video is an excellent way of learning things and at times to understand the functionality of some new software, or to understand  ‘How to.’ Still, often we come across videos that take lots of time explaining something pretty simple, or somehow, these videos are kind of elongated. ...

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Watch Full Length Movies on YouTube for Free

Watch Full Length Movies YouTube Free

Looks like YouTube is finally gearing up its longtime waited rented movies though it has not started it with a collection of over 400 movies on its dedicated movies section seems to be taking a direction. Now you can watch full-length movies on YouTube for free which on an average are one hour plus except the Bollywood Movies which are like ...

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Tubalr really makes it easy to listen songs from YouTube


If you use YouTube for listening to songs, today we are sharing a really nice service, Tubalr ( Thanks Dhruv ) which not only makes it easy for you to listen to the songs also lets you create your playlist using the favorite feature which you get once registered with them. So using is simple, search for songs using artist name and ...

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Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

Clean YouTube Video

These YouTube Chrome extensions will help you making your time watch the videos productive. Type of Extensions discussed are Downloading videos, clean watch, replay part of the video, choose preferred play resolution, keeping track of your watched YouTube videos and so on.

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Find What YouTube Users Watch and Search

YouTube Insights for Audiences

Make use of YouTube Insight for Audiences and Comment Search to find what YouTube users are searching for. You also get to see list of popular videos watched by certain set of users which can be defined by Age, Country and Interest. Both these tools are from YouTube can be used for free.

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YouTube Partners get option to Schedule Video Publishing

Scheduled Publish Video in YouTube

YouTube till date did not allow any video to publish a video on scheduled time but this option is now open for YouTube Partners which I saw it today in my account. This means now I can schedule it in sync with any scheduled post for my website and I am very excited about it. Before this update the only ...

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Grabbing HD URL of a YouTube Video is Easy Now

YouTube HD Video URL

YouTube has added a nice check box right next to “Link to this video” which creates a HD video URL of that YouTube video. This appears when you click on Share button.  All it does is add  ?hd=1 at the end of the url which means if you want to watch a video in HD all you need is add ?hd=1 ...

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How to fix shaky YouTube videos after uploading

Shaky Videos on youtube

When you record video using your mobile phone or handy cam where you don’t use a stand, it’s very obvious that the videos will be shaky even if you are in standing position.  So the annoyance come when you sit back and watch with family and share it with friends,  if the shakiness is more it’s a big time problem. ...

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Click on YouTube to avoid re-buffering of Videos in New Page

Watch on YouTube

When watching a YouTube video which is embeeded in a webpage, the only problem is you sare stuck with that page. Now if you want to leave that page and open it in new window, you loose all the video buffering. Right ? Wrong if you do it right you will never loose it. There is a YouTube button, which ...

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