Take snapshot of parts of PDF documents in iPad

It may so happen that you might not want to share a complete pdf document with someone but only a part of it.  If you are on a desktop taking a screenshot is an easy job but when you are on the move with iPad its difficult. Yes you can take screen shot and then edit with some image editor but it takes time and you wont like it if you have to do it often.

So the guys at xteo came with a solution, PDF Snapshot and it does exactly like it’s name. When you open a pdf document in this application, it allows you to take screen shot of any part pdf which is marked by you.

PDF Snaphsot Save to Photos

The marker allows you to change the orientation of the snapshot and the zoom level.So if you have to change to potrait from landscape and zoom in before taking screenshot you can do it right here.

Below is a video demo : ( direct link )

This application is free to use and can be downloaded from iTunes from here.


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