Take snapshot / screenshot in Chrome

Taking the snapshot of webpage or a part of webpage is something which is required often, there could be several reasons behind this requirement, and no doubt there are several tools to handle this. Moreover the using the ‘Prnt Scrn’ (Print Screen) button and later editing the snapshot using some image editing tool or may be the built-in paint like application can always serve this purpose.

Here is another simple way to take snapshots of any webpage while you are browsing the web using Chrome. Webpage Screenshot is a simple and easy to use extension for Google’s Chrome browser.

After the installation process you can access theWebpage Screenshot by clicking the camera icon adjacent to the Chrome address bar.

Webpage Screenshot for Google Chrome

Now in order to take the snapshot of the webpage opened in your Chrome browser, simply click on the Webpage Screenshot icon.

Options in Webpage Screenshot

Now simply make a choice, and if you want you can add header and footer as well in the snapshot. Once done with all this, it takes a while and presents the option to open the screenshot, which later is opened in a new tab, now right click on the image, and ‘Save image as’ to get it on your local storage. Webpage Screenshot saves the snapshots in PNG format.

This reminds me of Screengrab, which renders the same functionality for Firefox.  Install Webpage Screenshot

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