Taking a snap from your iPhone or iPad 2 will never be the same, Photosynth hits iTunes

Photosynth, The official tool from Microsoft to create panorama images is available for iPhone, iPad 2 and other apple devices having a camera. If you aren’t aware, Panorama image is an image created by joining couple of images so you get an image captured from all directions, even 360 degrees.

Using this app, it is possible to keep on shooting in every direction without much effort and the app will find and match images which overlap and then stitch a panorama image for you. This is another amazing app after, Bing for iPad. There are few sample images posted by Photosynth team for  Museum of Flight, Seattle Japanese Gardens, and Volunteer Park.

Unlike HP ePrint service app this app makes sense to be only working on devices with camera and what is very special about this app is that it gives you a live preview of how your image will look like on completion, as you take images around you. In case you do not have iPhone or iPad you can still use Photosynth app on your desktop. Both the desktop app and the mobile app use the same Image Composite Editor, the hero behind this technology to get it done on your mobile device.

Features of Photosynth for iPhone / iPad 2

  • Live preview of your final image and you can lock and keep on shooting for a complete preview.
  • Supports High resolution Images
  • Instant sharing on Facebook, Bing Apps or the official website.
  • Image created can be zoomed, stretch and with landscape support, the view would look awesome.
  • Supports inetgration with Photosynth website where you can store unlimited number of such images.
  • You can add your location detailed which is useful for map based apps.

Though the app says that images are saved in your Camera roll but some of the review which I read on the app review on iTunes, says it cannnot.

Photosynth fo iOs

Photosynth iOS AppVideo

Direct link| Read more details on the official announcement page. | Download from iTunes App Store.


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