Task + Notes apps to make iPad Productive

When we came out with Notes Taking app for iPad, one thing that was missing in most of the apps was Task integration. Since creation of tasks starts right after you are done with your notes, a combination of both is powerful and much required. In this post I have listed couple of apps which brings best of both and keeping in mind that it does not hurt your pocket. So it’s not all the apps but one you will love and afford to use. Do let me know what you use and we will share it with rest of the users.

aNote HD

The most powerful of all here. This Note taking app is like collection of Diary where you can have :

  • ToDo Lists.
  • Images and Maps
  • Handwriting
  • Reminders and Alarms
  • Categories and Ratings.
  • Tag Notes so you can search it later easily.
  • Supports Drag and Drop i.e. Tasks or Notes from One Diary to another.
  • Ready Made templates for e.g Shopping, Work, Email / Print, Scrap. Recipe, ToDo List.
  • However any feature can be used any where and is not restricted to one template.
  • The Notes within a Diary can be sorted by Ratings, Date, Priority etc.
  • Also you get a tabbed interface  to quickly check what is today’s task, task in progress etc.

aNote Dashboard

aNote Todo List Sample


Note Hub

At first glance Note Hub is not impressive but when you start using it there are few features I loved a lot. The interface gives you dashboard with options to create notes. I find this very useful for small research work. Types of Notes :

  • Map : Pin location and write about that location. Very Useful for travelers.
  • To Do list : Keep on Adding list of things you want to do which can be sorted according to Due Date, Priority and Importance.
  • Browser : So you don’t have to leave the app and switch to safari browser.  You can have your own set of Bookmarks.
  • Clip and Save.  This is available to all the notes so if you want to take snapshot and if you want to edit use Clip and Edit.
  • Integration with Dropbox Posterous.
  • Canvas : Free hands drawing which also uses Clip and Edit.

NoteHub for iPad


Office OneNote

OneNote for iPhone, also works on iPad is the simplest way to note down things. It quickly creates the tasks like OneNote on desktop and syncs online with a live account. This means your wife can also keep adding to the list and all she needs to do is ring you up and make you shop for her. Apart from Tasks you can quickly note down things and keep syncing. In case you are not connected the sync will take place later.

OneNote iPad App

Now since iPad App is very refined version best way to start is with your desktop and link it with your online account. Now in settings of OneNote for iPad / iPhone use the same account and the notes will be visible in your mobile device.

  • Make sure you have a Live Account and Signup with Office Web App Account at office.live.com
  • Open OneNote on your OneNote and create a new one which you will Sync Online.
  • Choose Notebook on Web when creating a new one.
  • You will have to signin with your live account here.
  • Once all steps are complete any changes you made on your Desktop OneNote  will be reflected on iPad App also. Make sure you keep it syncing.

OneNote Desktop Sync



Similar to aNote but more like you dump all your ideas here but then it’s not just type and forget. The idea is more of organizing your notes, tasks and searches into proper categories.

Lets take a look at the features :

  • You can add Notes, Photos, Audio to any type which you create here.
  • Types of Ideas Supported :  TV Shows, Books,  Business, Movie, Album, Packing List, Recipe  and even Contacts on your mobile.
  • Integrated with Near By Search so if you are tracking hotels and restaurants, this comes handy.
  • Based on Types you can add metadata such as, If you add TV Shows for your reminder you can add Cast, Producers, Directors etc.
  • Create an account with Springpadit.com so you can sync your data online and access from anywhere

SpringPad Notes Type


Springpad Tasks



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