TBot : Translation added to Windows Live Messenger

Good news for people who use Windows Live Messenger as the team has released Tbot, WLM bot which supports like 10 languages as of now and will help you to chat with people around world with different languages. You will have to add [email protected] to your contacts to enable the translation.

The languages supported are

  • 0 Change source language
  • 1 Arabic
  • 2 Chinese Simplified
  • 3 Chinese Traditional
  • 4 Dutch
  • 5 French
  • 6 German
  • 7 Italian
  • 8 Japanese
  • 9 Korean
  • 10 Portuguese
  • 11 Spanish

The number beside them will act as key when you want to translate. Moreover from the news at MSR-MT blog: It seems now that all translation has gone in house and being supported via  Windows Live Translator, the official web site of Microsoft for Translation.

I wish there could be some way it could have auto detected the language of the message being sent from some one. Sometimes its hard to detect the language itself. I wish this feature gets added soon.

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  1. Please add the feature that we can add a better translation. In spanish many time it is not correct it what is say. Google translator let you suggest a better translation can you also add this feature here the works great it just does some translation incorrect.

    Thank You

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