Technologies Inspired by Nature

Technology is often misunderstood and condemned as a bypass to nature’s way. But it is the extreme intelligence and magnificence that has inspired and pushes technology to keep on innovating the next advancements. Its not just the days when poets were inspired by nature but now scientist’s are keeping a close watch on how nature works. Here are few examples which will just tell you how nature has inspired even your cooling fan of computer.

“Always on” displays for cell phones, courtesy butterflies:

The colors of butterfly are always on round the clock, they do not cause glare nor black out. This is because of highly evolved structure which allows light passing through them to interfere with each other allowing it to create extremely pure and sharp color. Inspired by this came with IMOD display giving cutting-edge display that will reshape the industry.


IMB cools to increase Performance, Courtesy Shells :

One of the side affects of increasing more chips is the degradation in performance due to excessive heat. Thanks to the way shells balance it when under high pressure distributing heat. The IBM’s Airgap Technolgy which is one of the ten inventions in chip tech.


Thinkpad Lenovo Gets Owl’s Wings

One of the major issues in laptop is the amount of heat generated. Though putting a fan is one good solution but they increase the amount of noise. Lenevo took the idea of lowering the sound from nature. Owl can fly swiftly and without making a noise to pray its catch. Similar way Lenovo fans were made to run faster and with no voice by changing the shape of fan blades.

Lenovo Owl wings

Our engineers took the technology and design of an owls wings and put them into fan blades used to cool the system. The frequency of the fans gives different acoustics than a normal fan, like an owl’s wing flapping.” He said that the fan’s blades were also designed in relation to an owl’s wings, paying attention to “curvature and lips” of the fan blades, which “translate into a more effective, and quieter fan.”

There could be many more and we will be seeing soon in form of binary intelligence. Computers acting and working together like ants work in group. Nature has many things which humans can find and impliment in the tech world. Do you know any more innovations inspired by technology ? What do you think about these ones ? Do share in comments.


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