Introducing Technospot.IN : Edifying Indian Insight

Today is an exciting day for us here as I and Manav are happy to introduce you our next effort, TECHNOSPOT.IN, An online resources, a joint effort which will make people more aware of India Indian resources and talk on different topics with a different angle. Here are few questions that would be on your mind by now.

What is Technospot.IN ?

Technospot.IN is our effort in exploring lot more about India in terms of online resources, tools, aspects of diverse Indian Culture, ideas, technology and much more.

What Topics are covered?

For .IN we decided not to restrict only to technology. Since we cover most of them on .Net we decided to cover some of the uncovered topics like Online Sites in India which are useful in daily life and also some of the hot topics like Travel, Health, and Leanings etc.

Why did we you use “Technospot” for that?

Our Idea is to form a Network which we would call as Technospot Network or TSNW comprising of exclusive and useful domains like the existing .Net for technology, .IN for India and few more on the way when its time.

This was on plan from last 6 months but I had been waiting to get Full time Professional publishing work to work it out properly. Now since I am doing it full time we finally thought 15th of August to be most appropriate.

Start with .IN we  will cover exclusive details on India and different aspects of India.

How do you subscribe to Technospot.IN?

As of now you can subscribe to Technospot.In by Email from here or subscribe to any of your favorite feed reader by clicking here.

Connect with us :

Also if you are using Twitter connect with us @TSNW and on Facebook @ Technospot Network

The site is up with 15 Plus articles and here are some of the exclusive ones you can start reading right now:

We look for a stronger feed back and with 3000 plus subscribers now we have higher expectations. Since most of you are on email now I would request you to forward it to your friends and also subscribe it.

Feel free to express your views in comments. Thanks and Don’t forget toVisit Technospot.IN