How to troubleshoot PC in 10 steps

Personal Computer is one of the most important aspect of life now. Be it games or internet you just need one. But what do you do when it turns off ? It just wont start and you have an important work to do. Well in most of the cases we will just call the help from where you took the PC or just get hold of some person who knows more about these stuffs. I even had some problems like PC doesn’t turn on, hard,disk not detected and others. Here are few points which you can write down when your PC gets off next time.

Ten ways to trouble shoot PC turn on problem

  1. Check if the power supply to your PC is turned on. Its silly but thats one of the common problem.
  2. Check if the supply to your CPU is on or not. Talking about old PC’s , There is another switch present at the back of you CPU ( the big box which contains CD Rom etc). You need to switch it on.
  3. Check if cables are loose or in bad condition. This is important in case if your wire is in bad condition , could be threat to you because of loose earthing .
  4. Check if your power source like where you plug in the power cord is working or not.
  5. Check if you monitor is turned on.Sometimes the computer gets on but nothing shows up on the screen. If the monitor light is not green and continuous there is a high chance that something is wrong with your monitor.
  6. Check if internal component are covered with dust. If yes it might be a problem. I used to face this problem many times and had to clean it with soft cloth. Don’t forget to plug off you PC when you clean it.
  7. Try re-installing some of the major components. Its easy and anybody can do it. Don’t touch the processors but you can always take out and put back hardware like ram, modem and others.
  8. If you hear beeps when you boot your computer this could be a problem in your hardware. Check you hardware ( motherboard manual ) , they have definition of every beep. Follow them.
  9. Check if the you have connected the monitor and cpu at the right port.
  10. If you have tried all those and its still not working, Its time to call for help.

These are the major points you should always take care of . These are basics and can save a lot of time and money for you. You don’t want to pay the help some dollars for just turning the switch on right?