Test If your PopUp blocker really works

Next time somebody says he or she has a good pop up blocker ask them to take a couple of test at PopupTest.Com. This site has specifically made some test which opens a lot of popups using different techniques.

Common popup techniques

  • Multi-PopUp Test – This page launches 10 popup windows, using different techniques…
  • Multi-PopUp Test #2 –This page launches 4 popup windows, using different techniques…
  • Come & Go Test –This page launches 2 popup when you enter, and an additional one when you leave.
  • Timed PopUp –This page launches a new popup every 5 seconds…
  • Mouseover PopUp

Hold your mouse over the text and you’ll see 2 popup windows.So if you want to test your pop up blocker really works move on to PopupTest.Com and take those tests

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