Test your hearing ability with Ultrasonic Ringtones

According to BBC, The ‘Mosquito sonic deterrent device was installed by the Wyvern Theatre in an attempt to stop groups of up to 100 youngsters from gathering around Theatre Square. It took place late back in 2006. Ultrasonic Ringtones is based on the same concept. Using this, you can figure how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones.

Test your hearing ability with Ultrasonic Ringtones

According to the website, most of the people should be able to hear the lowest tone, which is 8KHz and 14.1 kHz. Going upwards is where its gets challenging. From around 17kHz upwards, we get into the range that only the under the ’20s can hear. So here is how you can test your hearing ability.

Once on the page, all you need to do is play an Ultrasonic Ringtone starting from 8 kHz frequency, to all the way up to 22.4. Each time you hear it, select the he corresponding radio button. Once you finish all of them, hit the ‘Get result now’ button to know about your hearing abilities.

Ultrasonic Ringtones test hearing

The maximum frequency ringtone, which is audible to me, is 16.7 kHz. Ashish was able to hear the 22.1 kHz on his macbook which was just a click. I guess he got a dog’s ear or something is wrong with him.

You are about 20 years old

The teen repellent will no longer foil you, but you can still hear some pretty high tones.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 16.7kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can listen to!

So go ahead and check out your hearing abilities. These ringtones are harmless, but as I heard them several times to make my friends test there listening skills, I can feel a slight blockage in my ears. So make sure not to keep it repeating, especially the 8 kHz.


  1. You are a dog Or maybe you are a mosquito, you certainly can’t be human.The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ring tone that I can hear is 21.1kHz

  2. cant hear the last one!

    can only hear up to 21.1khz….am i deaf? im like 12 yrs old & i cant hear the last one 🙁


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