The Nuke Switch to Restart Firefox with All Add-ons Disabled

Seems like with Firefox 4, you have an option to restart the browser with all Add-ons disabled with just one click.  Many a times users complain that Firefox is not working as intended and the first step anybody should take is disabling all the add-ons and see if your browser is working nice. Next step is to enable them one by one and check if the problem occurs again.

This Nuke Switch is oddly placed in Help menu and right under Submit Feedback. Did you notice ?

Disable all Addons and Restart Firefox


The surprise doesn’t end here. The restart option gives you even more option which will help you troubleshoot. You can :

  • Reset Toolbars and Controls
  • Delete All Bookmarks
  • Reset user preferences on Firefox Defaults
  • Restore to default search engine.
  • or Select Safe Mode.

Firefox SafeMode and Restart Options

Before you select the Disable All add-ons check box :

There is one small problem  if you select Disable All Add-ons though most of you will not use this feature unless required but stay warned. Once you select this option and restart, there is no option provided to enable all the add ons with the same switch. You will need to enable all of them one by one. So my suggestion will be to use Safe Mode first and then this option.

How to just Restart Firefox  i.e. Plain Simple Restart :

If you just want to restart Firefox without manually closing and then relaunching, Quick Restart is an excellent Firefox Add-on. In case this doesn’t work on your Firefox, learn how to install it here.

How to tell Mozilla About incompatible addons ?

Being a faithful user of Firefox, if any of the Firefox Add-ons are giving issues, you can report about it to Mozilla directly without giving your information. There is a Add-on Compatibility Reporter which adds a compatibility button next to every addon in the Extension Sections. You can select and send a report from here. Also in case you see an Add-on working again, you can send that report too. Download it from here

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