How to Restart Edge, Chrome and Firefox in Safe Mode

Have you ever been in a hurry to search for something online, only to have your browser crash unexpectedly? It can be a frustrating experience to figure out what caused the crash. Fortunately, there is a solution available – Safe Mode! By using Safe Mode, you can restart your browser (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox) with only the essential features. This bypasses any problematic extensions or settings that might have been causing the issue. Think of Safe Mode as a superhero that can rescue you when you need it the most!

Restart Edge Chrome and Firefox in Safe Mode

How to Rеstart Edgе, Chromе, and Firеfox in Safе Modе?

Chrome has used too much bandwidth and Edge since the advent of Bing AI. Moreover, customizing Firefox using Add-ons affects its performance. Hence, these browsers have frequent issues of crashing.

Rеstarting in safе modе еnablеs you to diagnose and fix issues due to which the browser misbehaves.

  1. Restart Edge in Safe mode
  2. Restart Chrome in Safe mode
  3. Restart Firefox in Safe mode.

Let’s learn more!

1] Rеstart Edgе in Safе Modе

Edge has a lot of glitches, especially after its integration with Bing AI. So, the Safe Mode helps you troubleshoot when your browser crashes. The mode isn’t available otherwise, but you must access it via the InPrivate mode, i.e., Safe Mode is combined with InPrivate mode.

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Click the three-dotted icon.

Open New InPrivate Window in Microsoft Edge

  • Select the New InPrivate Window from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can open the browser and press Ctrl + Shift + N to launch it using a shortcut. Browse in this mode, and issues such as crashing of the browser will be fixed.

2] Rеstart Chromе in Safе Modе

Restarting Chrome in Safe mode is easy and will take only a few seconds.

  • Open Chrome
  • Press the Shift + Ctrl + N keys simultaneously.

Press Ctrl+Shift+N

  • This will open it in Incognito Mode, equivalent to Safe Mode. Alternatively, you can open Chrome > Menu > New incognito tab to launch it.

3] Restart Firеfox in Safе Modе

Mozilla has named Firefox Safe Mode as Troubleshoot Mode for Firefox.

  • Open Firefox
  • Click the Hamburger icon at the top-right.
  • Select Help from the drop-down menu
  • Then click on Troubleshoot Mode.

Troubleshoot Mode Firefox Safe Mode

  • In the popup window, click on Restart.
  • You will receive another popup window asking if you want to open Firefox in Troubleshoot mode with a warning about disabled extensions. Click on Open.

Open Firefox Troublshoot Mode

  • Once in troubleshooting mode, Firefox will show a warning window asking you to back up bookmarks and passwords. Click on the Get started button.

Get Started Troubleshoot Mode Firefox

You will also get an option to perform a Firefox refresh, which will remove everything from your account in the Firefox browser, and start afresh.

Reasons to Start a Browser in Safe Mode

Beyond understanding, there are various reasons you want to use the safe mode for browsing. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details!

Troubleshooting Detective:

Is your web browser frequently crashing or displaying inexplicable errors? Does it seem to be running sluggishly? Fear not, for there is a solution! Safe mode can help you identify the root cause of these issues by temporarily deactivating all extensions, themes, and other add-ons that might contribute to the chaos. This isolated environment will enable you to pinpoint and fix the problem permanently.

Performance Checkup:

If you feel like your browser is moving slower than a sloth on vacation, it might be time for a speed test. You can try loading it in safe mode, which disables all the fancy add-ons and leaves only the essentials. If your browser suddenly becomes as fast as Usain Bolt, you know those extensions are slowing you down. However, if it’s still sluggish, the browser might need some attention.

Anonymous Surfing:

Some browsers have an integrated incognito mode that enables anonymous browsing without leaving any digital footprints or browsing history.

Browsing without Crashing

If you were looking for how to restart Edge, Chrome, or Firefox in Safe Mode, then you would have got your performance. Whether it’s browsing anonymously, troubleshooting issues, or testing the browser’s performance, Safe Mode helps. For each of these browsers, the process is quite simple and quick.

How do you start Edgе in Safе modе command linе?

To start Edge in Safe Mode, go to Start > Command Prompt > Run as administrator. Now, in it, execute the command start msedge –inprivate.

Does rеstarting Safе Modе mеthods vary according to Windows OS?

Restarting Safe Mode methods depends on your browser’s version, not the Windows OS. Moreover, it even relies on the version of the command line if you are opening the Safe Mode via it.


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