The problem with Gmail’s Background Send

Gmail today launched a new labs feature, Sending in Background which saves a lot of time as you do not wait for your mail to go and then do anything else. In case of any problem you also get option to resolve the issue by using the Fix link . This link never goes away unless you close the browser. Very productive.

Sending Mail in BackGround Fix it

However there is one major problem which I see and it could be for many.

Failed Emails are not saved in Draft :

Along with Fix, you also get  Fix Later. If you click on, the message disappear and you will have it nice time looking around for that mail later because it’s not saved any where, not even in your Draft where it should have been actually.

However along with these two links, you have another bonus notification called as Send Error with count of number of emails failed. When you click on that it will show you the mails again.

Send Errors for BackGround Send in Gmail

Now you may argue that emails will be saved automatically into draft but there are two places where it will fail :

  • When you send out an email too quickly.
  • Or when you have sent an email before it was automatically saved.  This will result in loss of some email data which you have typed.

Though you will be given a warning  if you close the browser or make a refresh, it will be a good idea that this feature puts the mail first into the draft and then try to send in background.

The only solution to this problem is make sure you use the save now button first before actually sending the email if you are using Sending in Background feature.

Good thing is, Background Send doesn’t work if you are uploading attachment and if you hit the send button you get to see message as Sending : Uploading Files and if there is an error, you get it instantly. So you never spend time on uploading the files again.

Background Send with Attachments

Learn more about Background Send on Gmail Official announcementt, you can find this feature under Gmail Settings > Labs


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