The Surface Computing has arrived!!!

Its no more a dream, now you can really play around your computer without using and computer!!!! Yes No kidding. Microsoft unveiled its new computer called Surface. It not only gives you a freedom from using mouse and keyboard but allows you to use any object thats near you for example a paint brush!!!!. It’s a coffee table shaped computer which allows every possible interaction which we have seen in all sci-fi and  futuristic movies.

What is Surface ?

With surface you can actually grab data in our hands and move information between objects with just a small touch. Its a 30 inch table top display with unique ability to touch and interact with objects in the computer which is similar to holding a cup of coffee.

Whats new in Surface


History of Surface Computing

Its definitely not one day effort. This was a dream by Stevie Bathiche and Andy Wilson of Microsoft which started in 2001 to bring the real world and the virtual world at a common point. Check out the images how surface was in 2003 and what it is in 2007!!!

Surface Computing in 2003

Surface Computing 2007


Go and Explore the surface now


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