Themes comes to Gmail !!!!

I was just checking my mails and Something happened to My Gmail windows and I saw the color was changed to Sky Blue. I was like WTF!!! and Refreshed the page and got a message on the top which was pointing that Gmail have themes now.

Themes in Gmail

Shiny Theme

Shniy Theme for Gmail

Desk Theme
Gmail Desk Theme

Zoozimp Theme

Zoozimps Theme for Gmail

Update : Some themes might look for your location and change accordingly but not sure what they are changing.

Gmail Themes Location

Gmail Themes : Change your location

In case you want to change the location preferences, look for a link right at the bottom of the themes page in settings.

Just check out your settings page and you should have Themes there. !!!!

Gmail Home Page Theme:

After Gmail Accounts got Themes looks like today The home page of Gmail has been themed too. Well you can not change it but I guess the theme should be location dependent. Do you something different ?

Themed Home Page for Gmail


  1. Yes, Google is rolling out GMail themes. I am yet to get this feature.

    Looks like you are one among the very few persons who experienced feature now.

    Have fun!

  2. This option does not show up in my accout while my husband’acc still have it. What’s happen? Anyone know how to fix it?

  3. Those themes are good — everyone loves to customize (I have done so with my IGoogle homepage). Usually it’s a good thing not to be in Google’s ‘sandbox’ or roll out, because of bugs in the beta versions. But what can go wrong with themes? lol

  4. Great update and you explained it very well.I strongly believe that the users of gmail would be very happy by this.It really looks awesome.

  5. Look at Gmail Dynamic Themes Preview page that contains all possible (I hope) decoration styles for dynamic themes and weather conditions description as a bonus.


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