ThetaWall : Create Collage Wallpaper for your Desktop

How many times have you thought of a wallpaper which combines 3-4 of your favorite photos to create a single wallpaper ? The answer was” I need it ” when I asked few people around me and I am pretty sure many more do that.

Theta Wall is small desktop application ( Wallpaper Management & Multi-Monitor Screen Saver) which combine more then one image to create a wallpaper which you can use on desktop and it changes automatically every few minutes. The way of creating image is called as COLLAGE where multiple pictures are combine by using different size and position to make it more beautiful.

This application is also suitable for single-monitor, dual-monitor, triple-monitor, and multiple screen desktop wallpaper changer and comes along with screen saver which spans multiple monitor.

If you are thinking that its creating temporary image and then using it as wallpaper then that’s not the case. It uses algorithm to fit the images on the fly to already predefined frames and then use it as wallpaper. Below is a sample of collage wallpaper —

If you see above it has combined 7  images to create one wallpaper.  You can configure on how the collage will be created by choosing :

  • Minimum Collage Image Size
  • Algorithm Style, Select 2D iterative to get the collage effect which you see above.
  • You can select the maximum and minimum size of  images.

Apart from this Theta Wall acts as a desktop wallpaper changer and screensaver which uses the photos you decide. As I said before it is suitable for single-monitor, dual-monitor, triple-monitor, and multi-screen computers.

There are couple of options that you can configure.

  • How often wallpaper should change.
  • When naming, you can choose to ignore folder names.
  • Use Aspect ration to choose screens
  • Make small wallpaper fit to screen size.
  • Automatically detect if the wallpaper can be used for two screen.
  • Add Calendar to main monitor.
  • Option to exclude taskbar.
  • Use White or Black Background.
  • Screensaver options lets you choose folders. The images from the folders will be displayed when the screensaver starts.

You can download ThetaWall which is free to use.



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