5 Things Killing Your Wi-Fi Signal & How To Fix It

Having a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection is essential for us to go about our daily lives. Whether it’s for entertainment or work, our internet connection is as essential as electricity some days. When our Wi-Fi doesn’t perform as we need it to, the reasoning isn’t always clear. However, if you find the same areas in your home becoming problems, it can help to relocate your router. No matter your local internet provider, whether it be EarthLink, Verizon, or Frontier internet, here are five things in all of our homes that kill our Wi-Fi signal and how to fix those Wi-Fi problems once and for all.

5 Things Killing Your Wi-Fi Signal & How To Fix It

  1. Floors

If you can help it, do not place your router on the floor. Your floor is thicker than you think, with multiple layers from previous families and the subflooring. All these layers can affect your Wi-Fi signal. Placing your router on the floor could severely cut down your router’s range and may create dead spots in other areas of the house. To fix it, you’ll want your router at least eye level if possible.

  1. Walls

Thick walls like those made of concrete or plaster can stop your Wi-Fi signals. While you can’t fix what your house is made of, you can work around them and be more strategic with where you place your router. You can start by placing your router in a common area. This way, your signal will be the strongest where you use your internet the most often. If this causes dead spots and weak signals in other areas of your home, a mesh system might be better for you.

  1. Closets

One of the worst places you can keep your router is in the closet. Surrounding your wireless router with walls will only weaken your Wi-Fi signal before it can go anywhere. If possible, move your router out of the closet and off the floor. Many place a small table or bookshelf just outside the closet to set it on. Just remember to keep that router out in the open to keep receiving a great Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Home Appliances

Home appliances are also a Wi-Fi signal killer. Most appliances are made from metal, and metal acts as a barrier Wi-Fi signals cannot work their way through. If possible, move your router as far away from your kitchen while still keeping it in a centralized location.

Microwaves can be especially problematic because they operate at the 2.4 frequency to heat your food. Even though they are covered in metal to keep those waves in, leakage can happen. You can test heating food while being online with a mobile device. If your signal drops while the microwave is working, your Wi-Fi problems stem from the microwave. You can fix this by getting a newer, more enclosed microwave.

  1. Fish Tanks

Fish enthusiasts won’t be pleased to find out their fish tanks can also majorly weaken their Wi-Fi. The water, live plants, and glass all absorb your Wi-Fi signal and may make it completely unusable. If you can, move your router as far away as possible from your fish tank and place it in a completely different room.


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