TidyFavorites : Manage bookmarks across browsers and devices

Managing bookmarks across all browser you use on your computer or on different computer is what every user always love to have. Solutions like XMarks which have plugins for all browser (e.g. Firefox ) are already doing that but today we found TidyFavorites which has one unique feature about which I will talk specifically.

Tidy Favorites allows you to resize the image thumbnail of the bookmarks which you add. So if you want to remember any site by using particular section, this helps. Here is a video which explains more in detail.

Other features of Tidy Favorites are :

  • Tracking parts of webpage e.g if you want to check whats the latest model on the home page of your favorite car website.
  • Synchronize your favorites across multiple browser. For this you will have to install the plugins for all of them.
  • This makes it easier for you have your favorites get synced across multiple computers or even mobile devices.
  • You can resize the thumbnail of the bookmarks and use any specific part of the bookmark as your visual image.

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In case you are looking forward for a tool which helps you track changes on a website, Find Out More is a good option and if you want to track only specific part of website like NSE etc, you can try FireClip ( Firefox only)


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