Time to Meet : Helps you fix meeting smartly

Deciding on when to meet anybody is big task and it not only involves a lot of calls but also sever emails. Time to Meet is an online Meeting fixer which can help your meeting to get scheduled with you doing much of work.

Steps you need to follow :

  • Create a meeting and mark when you are available. In case you use Outlook, Ical or Google Calendar, there is plugin for that so it will easily mix with your exiting calendar.
  • Set how long will be the meeting.
  • Next you need to invite that person and he can follow the same way you did or give his or her available time slot online.
  • Done that, Time to Meet will find the best meeting time for both of you and you can agree on that.
Time to Meet
Time to Meet

Like you can see in the above example  the time is matched with the person’s time slot you want to meet and depending on how long you want to meet, it decides the best meeting time. Ofcourse you are free to choose another time also. Once you both confirm a reminder is sent so you don’t miss it.


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