Tips to improve your wireless network

Its a common problem that after setting up your wireless network, you still face problems of weak signals or at some places of your home there is no signal.One of the major reason which I have seen is poor positioning of routers, repeaters. If you’re looking to improve the signal for your wireless network, I found some of the tips of which I will share 3 most important and link to the original article. I am planning to setup a wireless Internet at my home when I get back.

Use High gain Antenna to send signal in on direction:

If signals are sent in one direction to a repeater or place where you stay most its much better than using normal antenna which sends signal to all direction. Most of the time you will not be placing your router in middle of the room, it will be fixed on wall or somewhere near the wall. Thus signals going towards a wall is useless.

Use Wireless Router

If you just have only one access point ( where your Internet source lies) it will never give you a performance boost. In our homes there will be so many walls and things which will either obstruct or absorb signal that it gets weaker. The solution for this is to use wireless routers. Why wireless?

You will be able to put it high and anywhere you want. This will also improve and boost the signals. Check out the wireless repeaters from ViewSonic, D-Link, Linksys, and Buffalo Technology.


Pick equipment from a single vendor

Its always a good option to pick all the wireless component from a single vendor. The reason being sometimes the hardware vendors might give similar component some extra features. Like Linksys has the SpeedBooster technology, and D-Link has the 108G enhancement..

There are some more tips like replacing your computer’s wireless network with USB network adapter ( However Laptops have already powerful built in antennas) and changing you wireless frequency

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