Tips to save money when using AWeber

AWeber is an excellent service for Email Marketing but since this is a paid service and you pay for every subscribe. It is important to know and track how many email subscribers actually read your newsletter every time you send them and also understand how AWeber Charges you.

Choose between count and actual subscribers ?

After a couple of days after I started using it, I realized that unless you have pretty genuine email subscribers you might be paying for just having them which is not good both when it comes to pocket or your website.

Why not keep them so at least the count is up ? You can if you have enough money that makes you not to bother about if your Email Subscribers are there for you. This is important because when you actually promote your product or try to sell something to them your ROI will be too low.

If you are just bothered about the count, skip this post now and read something else but if you really feel like having strong subscribers and community, here are few tips which you can use to keep the cost control on your Aweber Bill.

What kind of Email Subscribers you have ?

AWeber is not just meant for sending emails but its a complete tool for measuring each subscriber group you have. For example when you want to sell a product you can find out which group bought the most or you can find from where people are subscribing to you most.

And then comes the sad part, readers unsubscribe also. Why there is can lot of reason for example if you try to promote a wrong product to a wrong group, boom! People dont like it and might be on the edge to say bye bye and aweber can track that for you too.

So again, What kind of email subscribers you can have ?

  • Active and Confirmed : When people sign-up for your newsletter.
  • Unsubscribed : when people unsubscribe they are moved from Confirmed list to Unsubscribed list.

Now coming back to the Billing system and  hard fact is that you are charged for grand total of Confirmed + Unsubscribed count.

Now since you are still reading this post, you are not here for the count. So lets start talking about the strategy on how you can cost control. I will talk about a bit for each and then how to.

How to track subscribers who do not respond ?

We will use the Search Tool that comes as a part of the Aweber Account. This tool helps you in filtering email subscribes based on lot of factors like IP, Country, name, Add Method etc.

Search Aweber Subscribers

Confirmed Subscribers

They are the real subscribes which have shown interests in your newsletter. However they can be further categorized into :

Confirmed but Undeliverable :

AWeber tells you about the bounced email for each broadcasts. This is where the first type can be identified. However this can be temporary also. So if you are planning to delete them, I would suggest you to check in the search tool for how long this had happened. If this had been for more than 1 months, you can drop them.

Undeliverable Subscribers

Confirmed but No Opens :

These subscribers are those who are receiving your email but probably are deleting it or have a filter set because of which they don’t read it. Its not a good idea to drop them unless you see this for long period which I would suggest should be of more than a month, because there can be few email subscribers who check your mail after a long time.

No Opens Subscribers Aweber

Like you can see above is an example, I was able to find 400 subscribes who have not opened the newsletter since June and they had been added before 15th of July and the last email newsletter that was sent to them was for continuous 10 days. This way I made sure that even if they signed up on 14th July they had not responded back yet.

A question which might be knocking your head could be How does Aweber knows if an email is opened by a subscriber. Good thought. Aweber can track open counts only when you send an HTML newsletter and not if the email is sent as plan text.

Now before you go ahead and delete them, try sending a broadcast particularly for these kind of subscriber and see if they open it. But to really make them read email follow the tips below :

  • Always use HTML Email at least just for tracking.
  • Your broadcast title is what will matter.
  • You can try giving away something for free like an ebook and mention in that title or a promotion which will help these kind of readers to come back to you
  • Just plainly ask them if they want to unsubscribe.

No Open Subscriber Warning Mail Stats

You can see above that only one subscriber actually responded back.


You might be wondering why they charge for UnSubscribed is because that data might be useful for you to find why and when they unsubscribed from the list, which is pretty useful for your analysis.

Unsubscribed Email Subscribers Aweber

Is it ok  to remove un-confirmed subscribers ?

Totally  depends on your need and business. For example if you need to create stats on when they dropped keep them for a while when not useful, you can always drop them.

However from billing point of view make sure you drop them before the billing cycle. Below is what AWeber replied when asked :

We populate that from your grand total the day of when the invoice is generated. On your billing date we will look at the grand total on the home page and generate that invoice usually at midnight of that day. I would always erases your unsubscribers a few days before your billing cycle. You can always contact us to complete this task.

So even if they matter to you, you can always drop them just before the billing cycle hits and still save a good amount of money on your next Aweber Bill.

Now back to you, Whats your tip ?

PS: If you haven’t subscribed to AWeber you can use my affiliate link to sign-up and take a test drive to see if it works for you.


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