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Toodledo is an awesome service, which allows you to organize your tasks by saving them at one place, with their specific Priority levels. This service can be very useful for people like me, who keep forgetting things like important dates, appointments, meetings and some time even short term goals are missed as you planned to achieve them within certain time, but you got so engrossed in other things that you missed your goal, so if you too are a victim of such kind of things, immediately point your web browser to Toodledo.

Adding a Task

  • On the top of the page you will find “View by“ click on the last option i.e. “Classic”.
  • Now you can add your Task here, add as many tasks as you want, specify all the details of your task, date, repetition (if required), priority level etc.

Other Features

  • Sharing – You can share your to-do list with someone if you want, like if you want your team or colleagues to share your to-do list, by giving them the URL you get here.
  • Calendar – There is a Calendar too, in which you can see the dates which have tasks, and find out which have not been assigned any tasks as yet, this feature can help you in effective planning, however in the free version you can view only the calendar for current month, upgrading to Pro Account can help you with viewing any month you feel like.
  • Scheduler – This feature is available for Pro users only, but the description given on the page is quite attracting, seems like it would be a great feature, basically scheduler can help you with making some fruitful use of your free time.
  • Goal – This section is for keeping track of your Goals, short term as well as long term and even life long goals can be planned
  • Booklet – This feature allows you to download a printable PDF file, which is a list of your tasks with other specifications, a method is also given to fold it in special size so as to get it fit into your pocket.
  • Learning – This allows you to read certain articles related to productivity, motivation etc. via certain links.
  • There are4 certain other features as well, but issue is they are open for Pro users only.

My Experience

  • Easy to use.
  • Nice tool to save you from missing your goals.
  • Sharing Feature allows to perform well even on team level as well.
  • Checkout the complete list of features at their details page

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  1. Toodledo is a great tool. You can also use proofhub( for planning, organizing and delivering the goals within the time limit.

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