Tools to Find Meaning of New Words Online

From the 5th century since the advent of English in Britain, it has moved a lot from there. From Shakespeare to Ruskin bond. From writing on palm leaves to tablets and laptops, each and everything the English language was capable of has changed significantly. In this post, we will share the list of online tools to find the meaning of new words.

Tools to Find Meaning of New Words Online

Tools to Find Meaning of New Words Online

Technology has skyrocketed since the early 2000s. We are no longer use dictionaries to search for words. We type in the word and get the definition with usage. A paperback dictionary will not be updated daily because we need something a little handier and accessible to all.

And not only in English, but you can also mind as many languages as you want.

So here is a list of websites that will help you learn new words every day. And not only new word as in already discovered but you didn’t know about it but newly discovered one and that too daily.

  1. Wordnik
  2. OwlBot dictionary
  3. Rabbitique Glossarium
  4. ABBYY Lingvo

Let’s find out more about them.

1] Wordnik

The reclaimed world’s largest online English dictionary, a non-profit organization, was launched in 2009. It is the largest dictionary by word count, with more than 8 billion unique words. It’s bizarre that there are more words than the earth’s total population. Any editors or content writers do not operate the website. Even a single human does not run it. The website follows a deep and strategic code language (Javascript and MongoDB) that gathers new words daily with proper usage.

Visit After that, the page you will be redirected to will compose a search bar. You can either search any word you want the meaning of or leave it blank and click it. You will be redirected to a page with words starting with meaning the dictionary has already begun. On the top left bar/tray, you will see the word of the day, and there you can see what word got invented today and how you can use it in your daily life.

Wordnik’s website is so best that you can adopt a word and make it yours. All you have to do is go back to the home page. Under the search tab, you will see adopt a word you can click on it, and a list of words you can assume will be shown with a few easy steps a new word will be yours.

Visit WordNik

2] OwlBot dictionary

Launched in 2016, OwlBot dictionary is a website and a full-fledged app. With new words coming up daily, you can find any word that you read, and the app/website will show the exact reference and example sentence for you.

Download and open the Owlbot app. You can type in the word you are searching for on the big icon looking like a phone with a search bar. If not, you can download the app, which is available on Android, and get your daily dose of the new English words.Owlbot

Not only does OwlBot search for words but also the definition. If you happen to have a description and do not know the word, you can type the description into the search bar in the app or the website all the relevant words will pop up. Even emojis that are appropriate pop-up, too, for extra knowledge. It also supports web pictures and flashcards too. You can even see what codes are running behind and how they can give your response by just shifting to JSON response beside web view.

Download OwlBot

3] Rabbitique Glossarium

Rabbitique Glossarium means a rapid glossary where words are considerable and accessible for everyone’s use and help. Rabbitique Glossarium, released in 2018, is also an API dictionary different from the above two online dictionaries. It uses and shows English word meanings and definitions. It can give results for 4292 languages and more than 70 lakh words and some 62,000 glosses.

Visit Rabbitique Glossarium Website. You will be redirected to a page with a constellation that moves with the movement of your mouse. You can type any word from any language, and you will get the word you need with the definition, usage, and correct formation and pronunciations. Rabbitique Glossarium

The app on the play store and the website both get their data from N numbers of Wikipedias page and from each country individually to share the correct word and the usage. Rabbitique took it to the next level while adding other languages to the website. It helps English readers/listeners/speakers, and people worldwide.

Visit Rabbitique Glossarium

4] ABBYY Lingvo

The oldest of these websites/apps is ABBYY Lingvo. ABBYY Lingvo, launched in 2007, started with 5-8 languages but now has more than 20 languages and more than a million users daily. ABBYY Lingvo is also a community of sorts in the website and app only.

Visit the ABBYY Lingvo website, and you will be redirected to a red and white page where there will be a prominent search bar. You can either write your word or even search for a phrase. There will be a tiny changes button in that search bar where you can change into 20 languages according to your needs and wants.

You will be able to see new words and phrases every day if you download their app, which is on both iOS and Android and even on the web or Microsoft store for your laptop/PC.ABBYY Lingvo

If you cannot find any word or phrase, which sounds impossible but can happen quite often, you can click on the questions/answers icon on the top bar and log in/sign up. After that, you can ask any question you want, answered in under 24 hours. You also get reward points if you answer any questions to learn either way.

Visit ABBYY Lingvo

What Does It Mean When A Word Is Coined?

It means a new world is either declared on invented by someone. It is generally done by scientists, scholars in languages, and famous people. Many words are coined over time, and they get to be so commonly used that they get to be a part of our conventional dictionaries.

In this busy lifestyle where we don’t even have time to sit down, we don’t have time to search up words daily or go searching the net for newly released words to improve our vocabulary these tools/websites/apps will be our best friends in this journey and what is better than them being free.


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