Top 10 Security Threats for 2007

Apart from the possibility of threats from within, increased  security threat,  from outside, will force enterprises to further strengthen their infrastructure. According to McAfee advisory of 2007 there are 10 possible types of attacks which enterprises can expect in the coming year.

These attacks are :

  • The number of password stealing websites will increase using fake sign-in pages.
  • The Volume of spam will continue to increase.
  • The popularity of video sharing on the Web makes it inevitable that hackers will target MPEG files as a mean to distribute malicious code.
  • Mobile Phone Attacks will become more prevalent as mobile phones get loaded with software and connected to the internet.
  • Adware will go mainstream following the increase in commercial potentially unwanted programs or PUPs.
  • Identity Theft and data loss will continue to be a public issue.
  • The use of Bots will increase as a tool favored by hackers.
  • Parasitic malware, or viruses that modify existing files on a disk, will make a comeback.
  • The number of root kits on 32-bit platforms will increase, but protection and redemption’s capabilities will also increase.
  • Vulnerabilities will continue to cause concern fueled by the underground market for vulnerabilities.

Looking at the list even I was surprised,and it is alarming. I hope the antiviruses keep improving and we get solutions to encounter them.

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