Top 8 Really Useful Chrome Extensions

There are many extensions for Chrome. They can be found in Chrome Webstore, and the respective virtual store can be accessed from the browser menu in the upper right corner by clicking on the three horizontal dashes in the More tools – Extensions and Get More Extensions section at the bottom of the new window. Extensions or add-ons are surprisingly varied in functionality. Below is the list of 8 extensions for Chrome that can help you with various tasks.

1. TabJump

It’s straightforward to accidentally close a tab without knowing precisely the web address you were on or while playing an online game. For example, you would have to search the site again to enjoy matching the fruits and hearing the retro sounds of slot machines when you unwillingly close a game of Sizzling Hot by checking a notification or closing unwanted tabs, which can ruin your fun. It is also straightforward to find that you have many tabs open without a clear record of the content displayed in each one, so it isn’t easy to find the tab you need. In such situations, TabJump does wonders. By clicking on the green arrow in the address bar that appears after installing the extension, you can see recently closed tabs accessed more often. If you have opened a tab you need for a long time, you can lock it to stay open by clicking on the padlock on the top right.

2. Unlimited Free VPN – Betternet

One of the many extensions with a VPN role in the browser, Betternet is the fastest and completely free solution to access unavailable online content in your area. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or any other online service, all these can be consumed peacefully after installation. Optionally, you can choose one of the other countries where you want your virtual location transferred if the US does not solve your problem.

3. Dmail

This extension may seem a little strange, but its usefulness is fantastic. You get the opportunity to send emails to Gmail with validity. So, after installation, in the lower-right corner of the email compose window, choose the exact moment when that message you sent will self-destruct. Whether it’s an hour, a day, a week, or never, messages sent via Dmail will evaporate according to the specifications you define.

4. Easy Reader

Easy Reader for Chrome

Among the many other extensions for Chrome that are trying to do wonders, Easy Reader surprises you with simplicity. It’s the easiest way for an article loaded with photos and ads to become significantly more straightforward. Click on the Easy Reader button in the menu bar, and a second click on the area of ​​the page you want to be transformed. If you have a little patience, you can accurately define the text format used to transform into Easy Reader, from size to font to color.

5. Google Cast

Whether you have purchased a Google Chromecast or an Android Smart TV with a native Casting feature, the Google Cast extension installed in Chrome on a Mac or PC is required. This allows you to mirror all the content in your browser window on the big screen. The configuration part is minimal; you have to choose the destination and possibly the resolution of the mirrored content on the TV. All the equipment involved in the same local network is also mandatory.

6. Pinterest Tab

In principle, this is an extension, exclusively aesthetically. It doesn’t do much at first sight, but it replaces your window by introducing a new address with high-resolution photos from your favorite areas. But because it has Pinterest in the title, it is straightforward to save and source those images among your pin collections. In addition, in the lower-left corner, you can choose to view calendar appointments, and in the middle of the screen, you see the exact time flanked by the time the sun went down and the sun rose that day. You can use the configuration buttons on the top right if you want new images.

7. Session Buddy

With Session Buddy, you will never lose a web page accessed a few weeks ago because you can keep hundreds, if not thousands, of addresses at a single touch. The latter are arranged chronologically by breaking down the windows at the time of salvation. Just as quickly, they can also be restored in the foreground, group, or one. Alternatively, after a few minutes or weeks behind the same button, browsing sessions are saved automatically without your intervention. Rename, import, or export as needed.

8. ToggleLink

Imagine trying to select a few words from a phrase or button, and your trivial activity is suddenly very complicated because it has a link, a shortcut to another web page in the foreground. Typically, when you try to select a few characters from a more complex link, the entire link is automatically selected. With the ToggleLink extension installed, position the cursor over that text and press the Shift key. For about 5 seconds, the link will be removed, and you will only be left with the text of interest that you can easily select and copy elsewhere. When the time expires, the link will return. ToggleLink will automatically appear in the context menu when you right-click anywhere on a web page.


Browser extensions, whether installed in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, make your life significantly easier. Suddenly, the application you spend most of the day on can perform a few more functions, no matter what purpose. Whether just browsing for information or playing games, extensions can help you manage all your data and activities on the internet.


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