Best Ways To Stop Content Theft

You would spend hours gathering factual statements, stats, and figures, making customized images, and performing extensive research to curate content. Meanwhile, you spend great effort, time, and money. Things matter more if you are a full-time content creator and work tirelessly to bring out the best. Amidst this, when someone steals your content, they pass you off. You can sue them but hustling into legal trouble is not always a good idea. The good part is that you can always prevent them. If you are searching for the best ways to stop content theft, then we have covered you all!

Best Ways To Stop Content Theft

How to Stop Content Theft?

Several practices prevent thieves from stealing the content. You should follow all of them, which preserves the uniqueness of your content. However, one of them applies only to the graphics content. Below mentioned is a list of some methods to tackle it!

1] Display Copyright Notices

The most underrated rule for Content Creators is not to steal anyone else’s content. Though it’s in their knowledge, professionals still grab them. In such a scenario, uploading copyright notices on your site often works. When you display copyright notices on your website, it works as a warning for the audience, and thus thieves stay beware.

Despite this, some people would not understand, but a notice often works as a barrier to preventing content theft. Fresher content creators, those with a fear of being sued, often step back in such a situation.

2] Prevent Hotlinks

How many times have you shared the references of multiple sites for your project? Most of you have done it before. But when you bring up some exceptional information or asset to your content, they disrupt your credibility. Your content would have an X factor that makes you stand apart from the others. When the other person shares the link, you suffer a significant loss. It happens when you have hotlinks enabled.

Therefore, to get rid of it, you should prevent hotlinks so that no one can copy your content.

3] Tweak your RSS feed 

RSS feeds are one of the most underrated strategies thieves use to establish credibility amongst the audience and rank higher in SERPs. Despite Google penalizing them, the content is still stored on their website.

However, tweaking RSS feeds lets their audience know that it’s your content and the one they see is a copy. Thus, their audience will also get a link to your site. Therefore, it’s a significant obstacle to content theft. Hence, it would help to tweak your RSS feed to eliminate the risk.

4] Watermark your Content 

Graphics are another asset that decides the uniqueness of your website. No matter if you have an ordinary blog, a tutorial one, or if you provide digital assets through your site. Anyone can steal your content, and thus you can establish your authority over it by watermarking it. When you add a watermark to it, which may be textual or pictorial, wherever the person posts it, their audience will know that it belongs to you!

Thus, it is a reasonable measure to interpret the owner of the digital assets. However, you should not watermark the images or graphics if they are not custom and you have copied from elsewhere. You can display your name, your site’s name, your brand/firm’s logo, or similar to a Watermark. No one steals images containing a watermark as it negatively impacts the site’s authority.

5] Make Use of Plug-ins 

When you have a Joomla or WordPress site, plugins are your ultimate rescue to prevent content theft! These plugins help you display copyright notices, add Watermarking to your content, and even make a digital signature. It prevents others from stealing your content most of the time. However, altering content for watermarks or using practices to stop theft becomes complicated without plugins.

Things often seem more complex if you are unfamiliar with web development and technologies like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Therefore, using plugins make the task relatively more straightforward and thus easy to implement practices so that others do not steal it.


You got your answer if you’re looking for the best ways to stop content theft! The politest approach is to warn them with copyright notices. Even if that doesn’t work, you must apply restrictions like preventing hotlinks and tweaking your RSS feed. Further, to execute all these strategies quickly, you can install plugins that greatly help!

How Do You Protect Content?

You can tweak the RSS feed, prevent hotlinks,  set up Google alerts, or encrypt them to protect content.

What Can Be Done To Stop Theft?

Display copyright notices and use Canonical tags, watermarks, and similar strategies to stop content theft.

How Do I Stop People From Stealing My Videos?

You can encrypt your videos, making downloading difficult. Further, you should also add a watermark so that one can steal them.


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