Torrent Privacy : Download with Encryption and Dynamic IP

As people’s downloading habits has increased, it has triggered alarms within the ISPs worldwide. The reason is the increasing bandwidth, and then they had also started blocking as they know exactly what you are doing, which is more than enough for them to slow down your speed. However, if you want to download files shared by your family, photos, and videos from your trips, and so on, you need it. Torrents offer the fastest download, especially when you need to cater to many.

Torrent Privacy Dynamic IP

Torrent Privacy: Download with Encryption and Dynamic IP

Torrent is probably the primary tool for downloading files, but as the ISP knows, you cannot escape.

  • Which IP  is downloading how much
  • Secondly, even your IP is open to all torrent users, which might be enough for hackers to get in.

So what do you do? Practically, you can do nothing, but I found one little service that allows you to download using torrent securely and hide your IP. I am talking about Torrent Privacy.

This service lets you download torrents using encryption, hide your IP, and give you dynamic IP every time you connect. It also gives you three options to connect to servers either in Europe, the USA, or Canada. Here is a small video which I found on their site telling how they work

Features of Torrent Privacy

  • Configured torrent client included in their software using a secure tunnel
  • It provides a special proxy, so your IP is always hidden. Your Ip will change from time to time.
  • Option to choose from proxies available, such as Europe, the USA, and Canada.
  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Web proxy with a list of ~300 torrent sites, which you can visit and stay anonymous there.

Now, you must be wondering if the service is free. Well, the answer is no. All they charge is $29 for three months, $89 for a one-year plan, and more.

Why should you sign up? This is probably a one-of-a-kind service that works with torrents and makes you more secure. So, if you use torrents a lot, you should give it a try. Check out Torrent Privacy now.


  1. Well, I would say that any vpn server would not only be cheaper but also more secure and versatile. You will be fully encrypted and not showing your IP. The only thing you would show is the amount of data and the ip of the vpn server – virtually perfect option. You can, I hear, find some vpn providers offering free amount of data. Make sure though you use a vpn provider not telling you to install any software. It should be straight and simple using the basic vpn software.


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