TouchPal : An Alterative Keyboard for Windows 8 Tablets

Even though Windows 8 touch interface comes with a virtual keyboard it’s not as efficient as standard keyboard. If you have used alternative keyboard on your Android phone, you know features like prediction based typing or even different layouts are missing. In this post we have talked about TouchPal, a flexible, alternate and prediction based keyboard.

Touchpal for Windows 8

Features of TouchPal Keyboard:

Contextual Prediction: Windows 8 lags a big time when it comes to prediction. Windows Phone 8 has but nothing when it comes to Windows 8. After you start using Touchpal you will experience contextual prediction just like you get in Android. This not only saves a lot of time but also gives you better typing experience.

Slide to Type : If you feel typing is touch, TouchPal Keyboards come with their own technology, Touchpal Curve which many of you will be able to map to swipe to type. You can slide your fingers over the alphabets in continuous fashion to make a word and the predictor will pop-up with set of words you wanted to type. It is very easy to use but you have to get used to it.

Adjustable Keyboards:

Another very useful feature of Touchpal is resizable keyboard which comes in very hand when you want to use split keyboard. Not every hand is equal and using a full keyboard holding a tablet is not easy unless it’s very light. You can even push the keyboard on one side if you wish to type with one hand. So you can quickly resize or reposition the keyboard so your fingers can reach them while you are holding the tablet.

Other Features:

The keyboard comes with its own set of settings which allows you to :

  • Toggle Predictions, Keyboard Pop up and key press sound.
  • You can control the transparency of the keyboard which is useful when you are browsing a webpage or reading a long document. That way nothing gets hidden by the keyboard.
  • This is a full keyboard and hence you get access to use the Alt and the Ctrl keys. This makes copy, paste, scroll, etc easier.
  • You can backup dictionary. Useful when you keep adding new words.

Installation and Download

The application once downloaded can be installed like any other application. During installation you get to choose the language for which I will suggest you to choose only what is required unless you use them.

Download TouchPal for Windows 8


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