A toy to play with Melodies and Visions: BallDroppings

BallDroppings is a small program with a 1mb setup file. This can’t be addressed as a game, as there is no mission, no hero, no guns, no intruders, simply a toy.

Balls keep dropping from the top left of screen; all you have to do is handle them by drawing lines at any angle using your mouse.

Ball produces Jal Tarang like music (I felt the sound to be like Jal Tarang, not very sure though), when it hits the line, depending upon the speed and angle, the sound is different.

Ball Droppings

When the ball hits the line the size of ball also enlarges, and recuperates its size as moves away from line after the collision.

I have experienced the music grows highly melodious if the lines are not very close to each other (i.e. balls don’t hit the lines very often), and number of balls is 8-10.

Though there is nothing like a game in Ball Droppings, but I think it can be used as a addictive game, like you can start Ball Droppings and decide that your friend gets a chance when 5 balls make a escape out of vision, i.e. out of screen (as a ball may escape out of screen from any of four directions), or another method could be, counting the number of balls on screen after a span of 5 minutes or so.

I am not much into games, but seldom I like playing with such kind of toys.

Do give it a try and see if you too fall in love with the melodies created by balls. Versions of same for Mac and Mobile Phones is also available, and some more key combination for performing remove lines, remove balls etc. can be found on the download page.

Download BallDroppings


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