Track changes in any Folder Live!

Watch 4 Folders is a brilliant folder tracking application which can notify pre-configured events and log it for you. This application can watch fro File Create, Rename, Delete, Free Space Change, Folder Rename, Delete Create and also if a USB or CD is inserted.

Live Folder Watch

Apart from getting a log, you can also opt for popup notification or even execute some other program if required. Support for Subfolder watch is optional but powerful.It can also monitor hidden and system folders and files.

Watch Live Folder Logs

When compared to similar application, Directory Changes Watcher, this folder doesn’t have option to backup or mirror folders being watched but it is best if you just want to watch and get notified. Best for simple usage.

Directory changes watcher

This application is standalone and configurations can be saved and reloaded at any point of time.  Download Watch 4 Folder.


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