Track Folder Changes Live

When you share a folder with friends or have an important folder which is being used by some other program which could be syncing or backing it up, many a times they mess up by accidentally a file. This is something you did not expect. So today we have another software in or Monitor Shared Files & Folders Tools and is called as Track Folder Changes.

Track Folder changes can watch over any folder and all the sub folders for any kind of access. Which means if somebody has even just opened that folder and selected a file you get notified about it. This makes sure that you get to see all the activities.

What is very interesting about this application is gives you signals in form of colours i.e.

  • When a file gets deleted it marks it with Orange
  • A file in use goes green
  • A file created is in blue.

Track Folder Changes

This makes sure when you are tracking you arent looking at the file extension to figure out what happened but get to know it instantly. Next you can right-click on any of the file you see in action and open it up or for deleted files you can open the file location. Now since the file name is still there, for deleted files you can always make a note so you can further us it to compare or find from your backup location.

The only drawback of this software is that it cannot track multiple folders which might make this useless for many and since there is no log files where you can go and check the record later you dont have that either.

Nevertheless if you are looking for a simpler solution this fits in perfectly well. You can download it from here and we hope new version with updates come in soon.

Related Software which you can use :

  • Along with this you can use Directory Compare so you can find out what changed when compared to a backup.
  • If you want to watch a folder but add filters to restrict what kind of files are getting changed, Then I would suggest you to use Share Watcher


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