Best Apps to Track International Live Flights status

Do you hate last-minute hassles while traveling via flights? What about emergency announcements when you are set out for an eagerly anticipating vacation? With the vast array of flight tracking apps available in the market, you must choose the right one. Nowadays, most flight tracking apps offer real-time news on flight status and alert users in case of delays. Other features include weather forecasts, flight recommendations, flight history, and more!

Best Apps to Track International Live Flights status

In this article, we have made a list of the best apps to track international live flight status. Those are:

  1. Flight Board
  2. FlightTrader 24
  3. FlightAware Flight Tracker
  4. FlightStats
  5. Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

Having up-to-date knowledge of flight status and other information will prevent feelings of frustration and anxiety. You can relax as you can make other plans on the go without much annoyance.

Check out each app, and pick what suits you best.

1] Flight Board

Flight Board - Best Flight Tracking App for iOS and Android

FlightBoard boasts of being the best flight-tracking app with a wide range of features. The app is connected to 1400 airlines and 16,000+ airports worldwide. It offers real-time updates related to air travel, such as flight status, departure timing, arrival timing, etc. Moreover, you can also search for flights with ease.

With the integration of different filters, finding the flight you want is easy. You can use the filters such as flight number, destination, etc., to get the flight details you want. The search interface is indeed exceptional. You can also swing between the departures and arrivals screens at your convenience.


  • Covers 1400 airlines globally
  • Easy to search for flights by different filters
  • Hassle-free access to vast information


  • View real-time flight status
  • Realistic flight board design


  • Shows ads

Download Flight Board for iOS | Flight Board for Android

2] Flightradar24

FlighTrader24 - Best iOS and Android Flight Tracking Apps

One of the most popular flight tracking apps is Flightradar24. The wide range of features available makes the app one of a kind. Moreover, the customization aspect makes this app even more appealing. You can search flights by different filters, such as airlines, flight numbers, destinations, etc.

Apart from that, you can view up-to-date notifications on delays and changes. You can also obtain a list of the flights available in your area and the weather details of any destination. That way, you can prepare beforehand and tackle unexpected emergencies.

Besides, you can also delve deeper and get historical data on past flights. Try the fantastic 3D filter to see what the aircraft pilot views. You can upgrade to Silver & Gold versions to get access to more advanced features.


  • Map to track flights in real-time
  • View flight information with ease
  • Playback of past flights


  • Amazing 3D filter
  • Access to flight list by area on the Apple Watch


  • Not a lot of features on the free version

Download for iOS | Download for Android

3. FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker - Best App to Track International Live Flight Status

Another impressive flight tracking app that has gained massive popularity is the FlightAware Flight Tracker. The app is designed perfectly for iOS and Android. The integration of the tracking map enables users to get their hands on the real-time status of different flights. It also keeps you up-to-date on various last-minute changes.

For instance, you will get personalized notifications for information such as delays, cancellations, flight departures, arrival, etc. Apart from that, you can also see weather forecasts, making critical decisions easier. Users can save their favorite airports and aircraft seamlessly.

If you want to eliminate all ads from the app, upgrading is an excellent idea. You can also register on FlightAware Aviator for more advanced features.


  • Track planes anywhere in real-time
  • Use Where is my plan to check flight delays
  • Availability of weather radar


  • Save your favorite airports and aircraft
  • Get flight status alerts for free


  • Latency issues with map refreshment

Download for iOS | Download for Android

4. FlightStats

Track International Live Flight Status with FlightStats

Do you want to opt for a user-friendly flight tracking app? In that case, you can check out FlightStats. The app is mainly known for delivering a seamless user experience. You will get in-depth data on flight status globally. It offers filtering options such as flight numbers, routes, airports, etc., to quickly narrow down the information.

The excellent app interface makes it easy for users to access vital information. You can easily view data such as arrival or departure timings, weather reports, gates, etc. The app also has Siri functionality which you can use to get shortcuts to different searches.

You can also use the FlightStats Today Widget to see flight status from the lock screen. Its seamless compatibility with Apple Watch makes the app the ideal choice.


  • Access to flight status globally
  • Easy sharing of flight details
  • Flight timeline to attain detailed information


  • Interesting 3D touch feature
  • Scan vital data with ease


  • Inconsistent sync with Apple Watch

Download for iOS | Download for Android

5] Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

Best iOS Apps for Tracking International Live Flight Status

Do you want to know which plane is in the sky? Use Plane Finder and get ready for a pleasant flight tracking experience. The app is easy to use, explaining why it has gained such massive prominence. With this app, you can track flights and observe air traffic patterns in real time.

The integration of 3D flight tracking makes it easier for users to track flights on the map. You can also try out the innovative augmented-reality feature. With this tool, you must point the camera at the aircraft in the sky. Now, you will get access to details related to the aircraft. The compatibility with Dark Mode makes it easy to see both day and night flights.


  • Access to live flights data
  • 3D flight tracking
  • Integration of AR to see aircraft details


  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free decoding of live air traffic patterns


  • Unstoppable video ads

Download for iOS | Download for Android


This concludes the list of the top-rated apps to track international live flight status. These apps have cross-platform compatibility and work perfectly well on iOS and Android devices. You can use these apps to note the flight status in real time. Besides, you will also get up-to-date notifications about delays and changes made.

That way, you can get out of tricky situations with relative ease. However, we recommend you check out the features, weigh the pros and cons and then make your choice!

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