Track International flights status live with Flight tracker

Somebody coming from US or you want to catch an international flight its always a pain waiting unless the flight actually arrives and if it gets delayed you don’t have any clue unless you call Airport. This is what exactly Flight tracker does for you. This application runs over Iphone or Itouch and lets you track

  • Check flight status, airport gates
  • Find out about flight delays and cancellations as they happen.
  • View real-time gate changes, baggage claim info, and aircraft type.
  • Live flight tracking maps.
  • Search flight arrivals and departures
  • And if you are utterly bored sitting at airport and waiting, Just shake iPhone or iTouch to track random flights from Tokyo to London and everywhere in between!! Fun

International Flight Tracker

Flight trackers find this information using the Flight Stats, which is one of most trusted website for finding flight delays, cancellation etc. This application is a wrapper over it with more convenience of using over Iphone. So if you like it just try it out , Flight Tracker

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