Track Windows Registry changes with Regshot

Installing software on windows results in change of registry which acts as big database for saving settings , trail period time, trial keys etc in Windows. At the same times its very difficult to find what changes had been made by any software because you never know where it going to add its settings unless you understand the registry completely.

Regshot is free software, rather its a comparison tool which allows you to compare windows registry before and after software installation and then give a report which changes are clearly pointed out. May be you can use this to find and  extend trail periods or even find software keys 😉

Regshot Scanning Registry 2nd ShotRegshot takes a snapshot of your registry and saves it into HTML or Text format and also scans windows directory or the directory which you have set for the system files or any other program and saves it in .HIV format.

This tool works in three stages. For example if you are planning to install a software, then before that run regshot and save the snapshot on your computer, use the 1st Shot button.  Then you install the software and use the 2nd Shot button the software. The 1st shot is automatically disabled. Once the second snapshot is take and you had saved it, you will see that the next button enabled is compare.

Hit the compare button and it will automatically start comparing with the previous version you had taken snapshot of that. I had personally loved this part because I don’t have to load anything separately making things easier for me. Once the comparison is complete, it will open up the result in the format you selected before.

What you will get ?

  • Keys Added with details of the key names.
  • Values Added, Deleted with details and keys modified will tell you previous values and current values.
  • Fore Directories you had selected, you will get to know if any file was added or deleted etc.

Now since you have the snapshot on your computer and Understanding registry is pretty complex for you but you did this smart work so you can show your genius friend help you fixing the issue, then Regshot also lets you load the snapshots manually. So once everything is done, hit the clear button.

Next click on the 1st Shot button and you will have the option to load the file, select the first snapshot of the registry and load it. Repeat for second and followed by compare and you will get the same result.

Anytime you want to change snapshot and compare with different cone, click on clear button and you will option to remove one of the snapshot.

Registry Comaprison Result

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