Track unused tabs by colours : Aging tabs

We all use tabs when it comes to browsers but have you ever imagined how many tabs you have which is open for a long time and you had forgotten about it ? Reasons could be many, I might like to refer it sometimes later, I keep it open all the time etc.

However if you feel like you do forget open tabs a lot, Aging Tabs is a good solution to track it. This Firefox extension lets you change colour of the tab depending on any of the factors :

  • When you switch tabs too often.
  • When a URL of the tab changes.
  • or Just plan age it with time every few second. ( This is most useful ).

Like you see in the image I am tracking according to how long it is open ( the last option ) and I get to know how many unused tabs are open and I can go close the one which I dont need it or simply bookmark it. Whats the advantage ? Reduce the clutter, having sometime doesnt mean its good. Too many tabs can make you less productive for sure.

Here the options for Aging tabs :

It also highlights the selected tab which makes sure you dont get confused with other tabs and you can select colours including the amount of colour to be added per step. Once you select the tab again, the age is reset to zero changing the colour to default one. Install Aging Tabs from here


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