Track your GPS enabled phone with BuddyWay

In case you are worried that your cell phone or mobile can get lost and you can not do anything about it, think again!. Buddy way is a great way you with which you can track your mobile phone if it is GPS enabled. It works like a tracker which Spies use to track somebody. Sounds Geeky!!

Gps Mobile tracking buddy way
Gps Mobile tracking buddy way

All you need to do is register with them and install their application on to your phone. You can not only use it for finding your lost phone but also see where you went ie. track your trip on Google earth and share it with your friends too. Sounds like an amazing application worth trying.

Features of Buddy way

  • Real time tracking.
  • Comment on particular locations from your phone. This is cool as you can share it with your friends and make them see live.
  • Even privatize messages.


  1. Hello Sir,
    I have lost my Samsung L-700 which was brand new,i have my IMEI number,
    can u please help me trace it.IMEI number is358224022671915.
    my contact number is 9226375654/020-26805447


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