Track Your Packages Over SMS, Facebook or Twitter

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter has taken a deep root in our lives and they are almost something which people cannot live without. After all its about connectivity so why not lets us get updates on our packages which are sent through UPS, Fedex, USPS or DHL reach us right there.

We talked about FollowMyStuff which does similar service but they haven’t implemented Twitter or Facebook updates till now but we have another option which has gone a lot ahead of it. Introducing Track This,  A service which updates you on your Package’s status over Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Text message, Email and RSS feeds which is probably most of the people use to read offline updates.

Track your Package updates on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email and Feed
Track your Package updates on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email and Feed

The service is pretty easy to use but you will need to sign up but it has its advantages.  Once signed you will have all your packages listed at one place so you don’t have to worry about remembering it.

The next step would be to

  • Add the tracking code,
  • Give your package a nice name like  Birthday gift from Daddy
  • Select the carrier ( It can also auto detect !!) and lastly
  • Where you want to get updated ?

And you are done. Now just sit back and keep getting updates.  I found trackthis pretty useful as I am more connected to internet and anything that connects me there works for me. So how about you ? Gonna try Track This!! ?


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