Translate right from your clipboard

Whenever you want to translate any language back to English it always takes 2 to 3 steps, Copying , Look which language it is and then copy it to where you want to use it. Nothing wrong but here is an excellent alternative for you, klipboard translator.

This application monitors the text you translate ( using ctrl + C ) and when you hit CTRL + SHIFT + C it translates it into English and sends it back to clipboard memory. So all you need is paste it to where you want.

Clipboard with Translation Power
Clipboard with Translation Power

It uses Google Translation engine at the background which supports ajax and can detect the languages automatically. This light weight application truly makes the whole process so easy that you need not to worry about what language it is and so on. You can download it from developers page from here. There is an also an AIR bsed desktop tool, Air Translate ,  which you can  use for translation using the Google engine without using the web page.


  1. This is a good software, one thing is that translation done into english, only if I may not be wrong.


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