Top 5 Apps to Avoid Getting Speeding Tickets 

We all know that frustrations in complex modern lives often make us speed up cars in a quest to travel fast. This overspeeding becomes the prime reason for the increasing number of road accidents. For this reason, speed limits are set for every road to prevent drivers from overspeeding and avoid accidents. While driving daily, one can often cross these set limits that make them liable for heavy fines. Such fines often make a big hole in the pocket.

Do you often encounter yourself in such situations? If so, you must know about some specific apps that mainly detect the speed of your vehicle. Consequently, they prevent you from being fined and keep you safe from overspeeding.

This article will tell you more about your vehicle’s ideal speed limit, common reasons to Speed up, and the top apps to avoid overspeeding.

Apps to Avoid Getting Speeding Tickets

Top 5 Apps to Avoid Getting Speeding Tickets

You are driving on the road, and the next thing you may don’t see the speed limit board and get fined. For such situations, a few top apps help you avoid speeding tickets and getting fined. They are:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Speed Trap
  3. Waze
  4. Phantom Alert
  5. Radarbot Free

How will they help you out? Let’s check it!

1] Google Maps

Google map is an already popular app for navigation and location identification. But, apart from the regular navigation feature, the app has multiple other features too. It is soon rolling its speed limit and speed trap features.

The speed limit feature is only available at some specific locations and is in the Testing stage in other places. With this feature, when you search for anything on Google Maps,  you can see the speed limit on every road of that journey.

On the part of Google Maps, it takes this speed limit data from local authorities or the ones displayed physically on signboards of the road. So, you can get information about these speed limits and specific road regulations when you travel on that particular road.

2] Speed Trap

Speed trap app is a specific GPS-based application to prevent you from getting overspeeding tickets. This app is mainly designed for Android and Windows 8 / 10 mobile phones, protecting you from speeding cameras and ensuring your safety.

The application is equipped with several speed camera databases of various formats. So, you can download your database that will warn you when you are about to go near a speed camera. Also, it won’t stress you by confusing warnings with other cameras.

3] Waze

Waze is another navigation app introduced by Google. It began offering a feature to avoid getting overspeeding in 2016. The app uses GPS navigation and user information to get data about speeding cameras. There is data submitted about road accidents and closures while warning if you drive too fast. The primary aim behind the app was to help drivers when they travel or reach unknown roads or lanes where speed limits might change or remain anonymous.

If your driving speed limit increases, you will get a visual alert on your mobile. But, for that, Waze needs to be enabled on your phone. Moreover, the alert stays until the speed limit is below the designated limit. Another exciting feature of the app allows users to customize the visual warnings. Either you can get a warning when you exceed the speed limit or exceed the limit by a specific percentage, like 5% or 10%.

4] Phantom Alert

PhantomAlert is an app that provides details about traffic and safety location data. It is ideal for use by drivers on their GPS smartphones. So, it will help you concentrate on your driving by ensuring your legal traffic safety. Further, it provides timely, precise audible, and visual warning alerts with details on safe locations.

Consequently,  this app prevents drivers from getting traffic tickets and makes them follow traffic laws. The alerts come up on GPS smartphones for speed traps and cameras, school zones, intersections, railroad crossings, etc.

5] Radarbot Free

The primary purpose of the Radarbot app is to alert drivers about speed cameras. On this app, other users can provide data on mobile speed cameras with the location Map of their route. RadarBot even offers voice alerts with real-time speed alerts when you exceed them.

It covers all speed cameras, including the ones in the tunnel, fixed and traffic light cameras, etc. The app is available on IOS and Android apps that won’t make you pay the overspeeding fine the next time.

How to Use the Speeding Tickets App?

Every speeding tickets app has a different approach to use. But, a few common steps to use them begin with downloading the preferred app from the play store on your smartphone. Then, you must sign in, log into the app, and enable the speed alert options.

It would help if you went to the account profile picture and the ‘settings’ option for Google Maps. It would help if you went to the navigation settings option and the driving options tab enabling the ‘speedometer’ option.

What Should be your Vehicle’s Speed Limit?

Every time you take your vehicle out on the road, there is a specific speed that your vehicle should maintain for safety. Overspeeding is dangerous for you and others who drive around you on the road. Consequently, there is a maximum speed limit set in every country.

For the USA, the maximum speed limit on interstate highways in rural zones is 70 mph. At the same time, the minimum speed is 45 mph. In the case of a 4-lane divided highway, the limit is 65 mph and 15 mph around school zones. On the remaining highways, you can have a speed of 55 mph.

On the other hand, in India, the speed limit for national highways is at least 100 on 4-lane roads. In contrast, the designated speed limit for two-lane and city roads should be 80 kmph and 75 kmph.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Speeding Up Vehicles?

As per a shocking fact, overspeeding cars were the reason for the killing of 11,258 people in 2020. Several factors contribute to such overspeeding by individuals that, include:

  • Excessive Stress– When people have excessive stress or daydream, they tend to Overspeed their vehicles in a frustrated or mixed state of mind.
  • Traffic Jams– Slow-moving traffic can be highly irritating and time-consuming. To avoid them, people often turn to aggressive driving, like quickly changing lanes or overtaking others by overspeeding.
  • Aggressive Driving Behavior– For many drivers and motorists, aggressive driving is their common habit. They often Overspeed, fastly change lanes, and cut across others abruptly in their usual driving behavior.
  • Getting Late– Another common reason for people to Overspeed is when they get late. For instance, parents drop their children at school late, and professionals get late for meetings, etc.


It is common for drivers to Overspeed occasionally. But, this can significantly threaten your safety and make you liable for a hefty fine. To prevent either of these situations, you can use the top speeding ticket apps like Google Maps, Waze, Radarbot, Phantomalert, or Speed Trap. These apps offer real-time alerts on your GPS devices. Consequently,  they will help you avoid speeding tickets the next time you drive.


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