Tray Status indicates the status of Num, Caps, Scroll Lock and HDD

If you want to know the status of your Num Lock, Scroll Lock or Caps Lock keys, what do you do? Look at the panel on your keyboard which indicates the status of these keys, but if somehow you don’t have these indicators on your system, here is a small utility which can help you with this.

Tray Status is a small utility which once installed sits silently in your System Tray, and indicates the status of the above said keys and also the Hard Disk Drive activity (Read/Write Speed) at the moment. This is an excellent utility if your lights are not working for some reason.

Here is the snapshot of the status being of keys and HDD activity being shown in the System Tray.

For the Keys the green color shown the enabled state, and for HDD it blinks in red and green color at the time of read and write activities.

So, if you want these statuses in your system tray, go ahead and try this utility.

Download Tray Status


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