Lonely on Flight Travels ? Tripalong helps you find company, Friends and even Old Friends

Many a times it so happens that you accidentally meet Friends, Family and anybody on the Airport. Now not many of us travel in a group and this kind of surprises, makes the lonely travel into fun, memory refresher and productive.

Tripalong is a new startup from Make My Trip, a popular online flight booking service,  which uses the social connection on Facebook and turns it into a “Flight Friend Finder” kind of service. In simple language if you and your friends are connected using this same application, it can tell you if any of your connections are also flying on the same day.


So When do you need it ?

  • You have ever been in the same airport or flight as a friend or long-lost acquaintance but only found out about it too late to catch up with them.
  • You missed a stellar professional networking opportunity for the same reason
  • A last-minute prayer is your only hope to influence the choice of  co-passenger while you’re boarding.
  • Your other last-minute prayer is  for the in-flight magazine selection/entertainment to keep you engaged thrugh the length of your flight

Tripalong Flight Entry

Video :

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Features of Tripalong :

  • Connects with your Facebook Account / Linked Account making it possible to connect with your professional contacts.
  • Add Flight details by Choosing Source, Destination, Flight and Date or Flight Number & Date which picks up rest of things automatically.
  • The best way to find if anybody else is traveling on the same date is to add random dates and see if it coincides with any of your connection or just open up your connection and see his flight plan.
  • Get updates if any of your friend is traveling on the same city, this way if you to replan, you always get to know.
  • Like I said, that you can just any random flight even if you have not booked it. Just create a tentative plan and post it on Linked in or Facebook to know if somebody is traveling or want to travel with you.
  • Even if, you are not traveling on the same flight, you get notified if any of your friend would be around the same time. This way you guys can catch up on coffee and share some ideas.
  • In case you are not flying, but some of your friend flew to your city, you will get to know about that too.
  • If you connect Tripalong with Make My Flight, it will automatically import your flight bookings from there. This way you don’t have to Add Flight process, just book your flight and you will get informed when it finds travel overlaps or people on your flight.

Overall its a brilliant idea and I am sure will be used by many. The only thing missing here is mobile applications for all the platform. I will strongly suggest them to roll it into development when the application comes out of beta.

Check out Tripalong


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