Try these to correct misspelled long commands at the DOS Prompt

If you work over terminal and all those black screen also popularly known as the DOS prompt, re-typing a misspelled or in correct command is so painful. I remember working on Linux at college and it was a night mare.

Windows Command prompt gives you an option to correct these mistakes in simple ways.

  • If you have made mistake in the first part of the command, Keep pressing F1, which will repeat the previous command character by character, till you reach the point where you made the mistake. Press F3 after correction and it prints the rest of the command.

Correcting Wrong Command First

  • Now lets say you made a mistake at the very end, press F3 to get the last command, use backspace to reach the point of correction.
  • Now if you are in the middle its going to be a little touch because either you can choose the first option to reach that point or count the number of character because command prompt lets you copy number of character from the previous command using F2 key.

Copy X character from previous comment

If you are Command Line Geek, get the Windows Help File on Command and check out some command line tools like CLIP which copies from Command line to Clipboard.


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