Tubalr really makes it easy to listen songs from YouTube

If you use YouTube for listening to songs, today we are sharing a really nice service, Tubalr ( Thanks Dhruv ) which not only makes it easy for you to listen to the songs also lets you create your playlist using the favorite feature which you get once registered with them.

So using is simple, search for songs using artist name and it runs the video player in between with a playlist on sidebar. Now the songs play one after the other but what is so pretty about it is you can re-size your tubular window and dock it to the side manually and keep doing your work in any other browser. Since this is a playlist you can anytime change the song using the mouse or run it on the second monitor if you love the videos!!

So now once you register with them, next you can keep adding songs to favorite but you cannot do it from the play list but using the full view where you get favorite button there which is next to the player.  Apart from favorite button you also have an info button which brings in the details about the artist or the song.


Now it is possible that some of the songs might not play if they do not allow to be paid anywhere else or for songs you need age verification.

Playing your favorite song is pretty easy, all you need is to click the favorite link which you see once logged in and it opens up with all your songs loaded to be played one by one.  You can also use the similar button to find songs similar to artists you been listening to with option to move to next and previous song.

As of now this service has no adverts and probably it might never have but it may evolve to premium service but I will expect this service to evolve into an app too, may be.


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