Turbo Linux device Wizpy may start a new era for portable OS

Turbolinux announced the release of a palm sized USB device, Wizpy  that comes with bundled withe the firm’s FUJI operating system embedded in its 4 GB flash memory. The device measures 3.3×1.6×0.5 inches and weighs 2.1 ounces.

Update : This product has been discontinued.

It includes a 1.7 inch(4.3 cm) organic light emitting diode as its display, 4GB of flash memory and an FM radio with support for several audio formats. Christened Wizpy device allows users to run Linux OS on any computer.

Turbo Linux Phone

Connecting this small device to any computer lets users have their own operating system and desktop without having carry a portable computer.
The system is designed in such a way that all OS settings and user documents remain within the device. Thus leaving no record of file imprint behind on the hosts computer hard drive.

The company plans to distribute this device called as “Wizpy” initially in japan in February. An English version of the device is expected to be available in the US in few months. This comes in three versions,  2GB version costs Yen 7,800, 4GB version costs 9,800 and wizpy KNOPPIX Edu6 Edition. It is currently distributed in Japan only. It also comes along with Skype,Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox and ATOK.

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