Turn off monitor when you lock computer or laptop

Have you ever wondered whats the use of monitor staying turned on when you lock your computer ? Computers are locked mostly when we go for a break or for any other work and our availability is not possible.

As a practice most of the IT companies or even people at home pre configure the system to turn on the computer screen saver after 2 to 5 minutes, but if we can turn of the monitor as soon as you lock workstation or desktop lock [ win + L ], the amount of energy we can save at this time of rescission would be in big numbers.

Power saving when computer lock

Umakanth has created a small program, Monitores, which can either turn off your monitor or start running the screensaver as soon as you lock the computer. It’s still at very initial level of development but we can see more in future.

Upate :

Now this program also supports options to turn of Media like Music players or video players, changing IM status of Yahoo messenger and use of Pause Key. Also you can Turn on the screensaver instead and  can exit it cleanly which was missing in the last edition.

There is a lite version of this program available which comes with no option which is useful in IT environment where this can be installed silently on all computers to save energy. It also keeps user not wasting time with the software.


  1. Hi All ,

    I have purposely disabled Close button in the main window, When you minimize using minimize button it will stay in the tray and right click menu you will have close button.



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