Turn your Android Phone into WiFi Computer Speakers

These days connecting using mobile phones as speakers might just sound boring, but if you really don’t have a Bluetooth device or if you want to get range which is as good as that of WIFI, today we have rSPeakers for you which turn your android phone into wifi speakers.

How does rSpeaker works ?

rSpeaker uses the Stereo Mix recoding driver installed on your computer which act as virtual microphone. A small application running on your computer (rspeaker) can catch output from this virtual microphone and send it across to the Android Phone App on your phone.

So basically the application on your computer, java based, act as server and the phone application as a client. For this you will need to configure the IP address / Hostname, Port on the phone and on the server application on your computer. Once done, if your computer and phone are over the same network, the voice will sent across flawlessly.

The only thing you need to make sure is that your have allowed the server application, rspeakers, to communicate over WiFi. When you launch the application for the first time, Windows will prompt for the same.

One last but major requirement for this to work is that your sound car should support stereo mix device. Find more details here

rSpeakers : Stream Voice from Computer to Android Phone

Where can you use it ?

  • Watching Movies
  • Listening to music running on your computer.
  • Don’t miss a Skype conversation happening on your computer
  • Your speakers are broken and you don’t have a headset.
  • Spy somebody’s conversation and many more.

You just need to find its need, and there will be one.

Download :