Turn your Android Phone into WiFi Computer Speakers

If you are using a computer, I am sure you already have a speaker attached. But what if you have an Android Smartphone which comes with an incredible speaker. It would be great if you could stream the music from your phone to your smartphone’s speaker. It comes in very hand in case of laptops which usually don’t have a great speaker. In this scenario, you can turn your Android phone into a Wifi speaker by streaming audio from the computer to Android phone’s speakers.

How to stream audio from computer to Android Smartphone Speakers

There are multiple ways to do this, and each one has its own advantage and disadvantage.

  1. Soundwire
  2. Wireless speaker for Android
  3. Stream what you hear

In simple words, there are two parts of the software. One is the app on your phone, and there is a companion app on your Windows or Linux or Mac Computer. The companion apps pick up audio from your computer, and then sends it to the receiver app on your phone. The receiver app then plays it like any other sound.

Before I start, always remember that if you get lag, it is normal, and can happen.

1] Soundwire

Soundwire App Android Windows

It’s a free app which does audio cast. It works with any music player your computer and either you can choose to stream over WIFI or even mobile network. Once installed, the app creates a receiving station on your phone.

Next, on your computer, download the companion app. Make sure to give it access through the firewall. Launch the SoundWire Server program and select the audio source. The default setting of the software is to capture whatever is playing on the computer.

Click on the connect button, and connect it to the server, i.e. your phone. Once it connects, you should notice that the connect button will glow. You can find detailed instructions on the companion app website.

Using this software, it is also possible to stream audio from one computer to another computer as well.

Download from PlayStore


2] Wireless speaker for Android

stream audio computer android

Works on the same principle as above, except that it has a better user interface. Here is the list of features:

  • Auto start at system boot
  • Auto discover mobile device (Needs firewall exception for port 32000 in Windows Firewall)
  • Remember last used IP address and auto-start audio transmission if the IP address is stored.
  • Linux Server
    • Auto discover mobile device
    • Movie mode for audio video sync.

You can use the command –iptables -I INPUT -p udp –dport 32000 -j ACCEPT or users can use firewalls to add exception permanently.

Once you install the companion app, set up an IP address, let the software discover the mobile app automatically.

Download from PlayStore | Download companion app from here.

3] Stream what you hear on Android

stream audio computer android

  • Capture any sound on your computer (“what you hear”)
  • Streaming as MP3 or WAV/PCM (L16) over HTTP
  • UPnP/DLNA 1.0 Media Server compliant
  • Supports automatic UPnP/DLNA Media Renderer detection and “Play” action
  • Record What You Hear into an MP3 file

If the android device supports UPnP, then it will be discovered automatically. Then you can select Stream to option.

Visit and download from here | Companion App from here.

I hope this software is good enough for your stream audio from computer to Android smartphone speakers. Let us know if you have anything similar, and we might add it.


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