Turn your files and folders into floating space asteroids (Classic Arcade Game)

Desktop Blaster is an AIR based arcade game, which is pretty unique and I think could be damn addictive as well.

Once you install and launch this game, it starts the first level by making your desktop objects float in space, and there is object in center, probably a fighter spaceship, which can be controlled using arrow keys and shoots on the space bar press.

So using the arrow keys you need to save the collision of your spaceship, and destroy the space asteroids (files and folders) by pressing the space bar and firing.

When you destroy a folder, the content of the folder pop out and become the floating space objects, as soon as you are done with this, i.e. you succeed to eliminate all the floating objects, you clear the level, now you need to choose a new location (any folder on your computer) and again eliminate all its contents to clear the level.

This is a nice game, for people who need something to recharge themselves in their breaks, but beware this could be addictive.

Go ahead and eliminate the files and folders, I am sure you will love this game.

Download Desktop Blaster


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