Turn your iPad into powerful presentation remote control

WiFi TouchPad HD is a perfect application for presentation users who use combination of PC or Mac with iPad. This power application turns your iPad into a presentation giving tool by letting you control mouse pointer and keyboard from your iPad. This means you can do more when compared to a regular presentation dongle used for presentation.

WiiFi Remote Control iPad

I am talking in context of presentation here because I see this being used more for this but with complete keyboard layout and windows key integration you can actually remote control the computer. As a matter of fact trying out a drawing application is easier with this because of the huge touch pad area you get.

The response time is excellent so it will not disappoint you with even small delays. You can walk around and still deliver it very well. All you need to make sure is that your Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty good.

This application works on client-server basis where you install a small listening application on your Windows PC or Mac machine and your iPad and Computer are connected on the same network. The iPad application will find the computers which have the listener installed and will connect with whatever machine you want. Since anybody with this app installed on their iPad can connect, the computers can be secured with a password.

To find the computer on the network, click on the Connect Button which will list down the IP of the computers and click on it to connect with that computer.

Wifi-remote Configuration

This app is developed by MB PowerTools. You can download the client from here and iPad App from the iTunes store.

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  1. Sounds cool. So, does this mean you could be sitting around a board room table with the visuals on each persons IPAD being driven by a single presenters IPAD?


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