Android : Remote Ringer lets your family turn your phone ringer on In case of Emergency

It may so happen that you are stuck in a work where you dont want anybody to call or you are in a high level meeting where calls aren’t allowed but one of your family members need to call you because of an urgency, can be accident or any bad news but since you had put your phone to silent mode, you never get to know until you take a look at your phone. Though putting it on vibration is always smart but if you haven’t done that, the situation will be worse.

Remote Ringer is an Android app which solves this problem. This application lets you configure a special number which can be of your dad or your wife which can turn your silent phone to normal mode before they plan to call you. Since nobody else is authorized your busy work is not going to get disturbed unless it’s an emergency.

How Remote Ringer Works ?

  • Install the app from here.
  • Configure a number who can turn the mode of the phone to normal from silent.
  • Make sure you have enabled the app
  • Select a secret code to be sent to your number as SMS.
  • Once the SMS is sent, the app matches with the configured number and secret key and turns your phone to normal mode.
  • An SMS is sent back to the configured number with message that “Phone Profile changed to normal”

Video demo of how Remote Ringer works ?

Direct link

Few Drawbacks and Suggestions :

  • First time you launch the app it sends an SMS which it says is required to register. I was not able to find what SMS was sent as I am not able to see it in SMS box, may be it was deleted.
  • It only lets you configure one number. So you need to tell important person who can set the ringer on.
  • When contact selection is done, it does not display all the numbers if the contact has many numbers. It selects the default number so make sure you have set one number as default which needs to be authorized.

Though this app can be used to find your misplaced ( not lost ) phone but if you want to track your lost phone, Check out “Ring My Droid” which can even get the location for you.


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